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Round and looking lovely, the Fringed Woven Placemat makes a bold visual statement due to its uniquely appealing design. Though it is highly functional in helping protect table surfaces, this placemat will not be desired by your guests simply due to its practical functionality, but also and largely due to the fact that it is a homely artwork in itself. It would be suitable for use in elevating your interior décor.


Thoughtfully crafted in a large sized dimension which measures 38 centimetres in diameter, the Fringed Raffia Woven Fringe is a highly practical placemat that would prove usable on all types of tables which you have.    In essence, it is suitable for use on dining tables, end tables, side tables and even coffee tables. Plus, it can be placed underneath any serving ware such as pots, jugs, mugs, plates and cups in order to protect table surfaces from damages that could be caused by heat from the base.

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Product Material:  Raffia

Dimensions:  38cmD

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 5 cm
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