Making the most of your kitchen:

Kitchens are the hub of the home, the place where birthdays are celebrated, family gathers for Christmas and afternoon teas are had. They need to be not only beautiful but practical as they have loads to do in our everyday lives. Some of us are very fortunate to be able to design and build our very own kitchens, fitting them out with all the bells and whistles , others are inherited and prove to be a challenge in making them practical functioning zones for the family. Either built or inherited here are some practical tips for “styling” within your kitchens that all of us could introduce at any given time!

  1. Lighting – Be it Pendants ,down lights, under bench LED, Display cupboard lighting and even candles you name it you should add it to your kitchen. Practical or pretty all are necessary to a chic kitchen.
  2. Stools- Here is an item most kitchens will need and accommodate quite well and can be introduced at any stage. Oh but I hear you saying there are so many to choose from and….rightly so. What is your style brief? And yes stools should always be worked into this brief. They are an essential item but also play a part in your styling .Considering family environment and usage. Do you eat all your meals on them; do you have kids doing homework every day atop them why busy mum makes dinner? Colour, style and material will impact your overall mood for your kitchen therefore all elements of a stool should be considered when deciding these vital pieces for home. Things like upholstered or plastic, wooden or steel. Height is a MUST to having a breakfast bench becoming practical to use. Stools with backs or stools without? Balance and scale these to your kitchen layout.
  3. Make the practical everyday items become the standout on your counters! We all have coffee machines, toasters and jugs in our kitchens items we use every single day and sometimes more than once! If you have no integrated areas to hide them away then simple mindset changes to these items can help style your kitchen. Rather than stuff those away in cupboards taking up valuable storage you could use these items to do some talking. Clearing away everything else on your bench have a set of these clustered to an area left on show to be used at will. The key to having this work well is to having ALL your items: – toaster, jug, coffee machine etc carry the same colour, material and style they then become eye catchers rather than electrical plonked up on your bench. Many of these items now have brands in the retail market that accommodate everything you would use and carry a flow between each one. Styling them together makes for an element of interest in your kitchen as well covering some practical needs.
  4. additional to these suggestions and if you do nothing else then just adding a few pieces such as candles, floral display and or a beautiful fruit bowl to one end of your long island bench such subtle and simple additions like these will transform any space instantly! And where is the practical side in these you’re wondering? Well those beautiful flowers freshly cut from your garden now have a home to be placed, that fruit bowl holding your fruit is ready for school lunches and candles well ok that’s just because there gorgeous to have around ha ha!


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