Let’s face it living in the 21st century calls for most of us to have a home office on some level in our homes. They have really become an extension of our homes these days and play a very important role in our lives.

If you lucky enough to be planning a build this little functioning work space should carefully be considered into your plans. Keep it central to the home for easy access but not too close to busy traffic areas so the occupant is least disturbed, but not to so far separate that they feel locked away in a dungeon from the whole family. Your home office design really depends on your needs within this area. Do you work from home? Own and run your own business? Or need a nook to just pay bills? These will be things you need to consider.

Technology now allows all of us to function just as well in our home offices as we could behind a cubical at work. If you have a home office make sure it’s comfortable, functional and stylish considering all three elements when designing and planning a home office is a no brainer for creating that perfect working place.

More and more people are working from home whether you have a designated room specifically for this task or all you have is a little nook somewhere under the staircase if you follow these 3 simple steps you can create a wonderful home office.

  1. blog 1The choice of your furniture is paramount to you being able to sit all day in that chair, under that table turning to that bookcase etc. Choose chairs that allow you to adjust heights so your feet fit flat on floor, swivel to allow for ease of movement, wheels to allow you to roll if required to reach archives and adjust back rest so you can sit straight to type or rest back to study and read.
  1. blog 2We all know the triangle rule when considering layout in our kitchens well ok it’s not exactly a rule here for home office but you do need to consider the office pieces you require. Where you locate these is essential for a functioning space. Defining functional depends on the space you have available to work with however you need to feel you can be productive and organised. Use desk organiser to hold pens and pencils etc. Overhead lighting is essential and under bench storage a must. Just as we can be advised not to use your bedroom for anything other than sleeping this can be the case for building a home office zone. Section it off if required if it is a part of your normal living space. Bookcases are great for this job being both very useful and helping create a boarder which will help you to stay focused.
  1. blog 3Lastly let’s consider style and for most this will be the something that gets overlooked when considering your home office and here’s why. Styling a zone does and will affect your moods as like colour does. Choosing the right colours and pieces to help introduce a calm and relaxing feeling makes for a productive day. If you are working full time that could be almost up to 40hrs a week that you may need to spend in this little space so it’s essential you cover all the elements to help it function well. Remember apart from being functional it also needs to be personal and interesting so your mood follows suit! Consider your personal style and taste, what interest you have what makes you feel great. You don’t have to spend up big to have great impact in your home office. You may love the beach then design your zone around the soft earthy beach tones introduce simple shells to gaze upon and place that serene wall art of that perfect wave up on your wall! Easy! Just like a cake it’s your icing on the top and I think we can all agree it is quite often the best part to eat!

Winning Interiors-Tracy Winn

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