Diffuser | Amber Glass | Botanica | 6x12cm [390g]


A safe and subtle continuous fragrance which enhances your home or work environment.  The aromatic oils are absorbed through the reeds and the fragrance is released naturally into the air.

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Product Materials:   Oil / Bottles / Reeds

Directions for Use:  Open fragrance oil bottle carefully.  Insert the reed sticks.  The reeds will absorb the fragrance oil, diffusing the scent into the room.  Allow 24 hours for full fragrancing effect.  To accelerate the process, invert the reeds after 1-2 hours, re-insert the sticks into the bottle with ‘wet’ ends on top.  Repeat to refresh scent as needed.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 cm
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