Carol’s Home – Shabby Chic

This home transformation was a dramatic change and the final outcome was such a success. The brief was Hamptons, Carol had a very good idea on what she loved. Truth be told after I consulted with Carol she in fact had a love for a few different styles which we then used and overlapped to produce a shabby Chic, Coastal Hampton inspired home. This home did not just receive cosmetic changes but also structural for the detail it required.  Walls were removed to expose kitchen to dining and harmoniously link the two together. The family room needed to be multipurposed including a second TV area and also a casual lounging spot for guest when they visited. We introduced a fireplace to the centre of the wall and teamed up two Hampton display cabinets either side. Repositioning the furniture layout made a world of difference to this area functioning better. A family heirloom piano was to be included into our brief and now sits pride of joy within this new reno. The most dramatic change was a full kitchen renovation. A Shaker style Hampton kitchen was ordered and installed with a wonderful island bench for the family to gather around. All in all, this has made such a difference for the 6-person family and I see them having many wonderful years ahead in their new creation.

Take a look at Carol's transformed home by clicking on the images below:
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