Angie’s Home – Modern Urban

The call arrived from Angie to help complete some renovation and styling needs in her new duplex home. This vibrant young working family had a great floorplan and had already begun to include some wonderful additions to the renovation.

Gathering a brief with Angie and Sam allowed me to get to know them better and their needs for their young family. Such an inspirational young couple, entrepreneurs already working and managing two business on their own. They were so busy after finishing their long working days and trying to keep their home renovation moving forward to see it to completion. Here’s where we stepped in, and I love this part of my job in helping my clients manage a project and build a great concept plan so all chosen elements work together in harmony.

New flooring, new kitchen, new custom cabinetry, we were building the basis for a palette in this job towards a Modern Urban Style. With a palette of grey, black and tan leathers, and surfaces such as concrete and stone in this beautiful duplex home it is now a wonderful relaxing, very serviceable home for this young growing family.

We included new lounge specifically chosen for this home’s footprint. It is profiled just perfectly for this space, a round inviting concrete dining table, eye catching lighting, detailed floor rugs. A solid timber buffet and a dynamic large mirror to reflect this gorgeous space around the home. New curtains where included, and home décor to finish off the brief which was staged and styled in the home with Angie, once the renovation was complete.

It was a wonderfully detailed and considered design and we are so proud of the outcome in this gorgeous Modern Urban Home. I can see many beautiful years spent here for this gorgeous young family, enjoying these beautiful spaces.

Take a look at Angie's transformed home by clicking on the images below:
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