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Sinead’s Home: Coastal Modern Rustic

This wonderful home had many opportunities to be all the client had dreamed. An upgrade to a double garage opened up an area for TV room / kids play zone. Upon entering Tracy instantly realized the orientation was incorrect to achieve the look for the client. Although electricals had to be reworked it was worth the move and swap around. This space now is multi purposed, housing both a young family in play and study areas and TV area for the whole family to enjoy. Existing antique cabinetry receive a wonderful up style and now stands pride and joy as the focal point of difference in the zone. New lounge and TV lowline unit with rug and coffee tables was included into the brief with additional staging and styling by Winning Interiors that completed the brief to perfection. Other areas included a formal lounge room and dining room both of which received a new fresh paint job and new décor additions reworked amongst existing items to cohesively flow together well.

Take a look at Angela's transformed home by clicking on the images below:
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Photo 1-4-19, 3 25 04 pm
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