Roman Antique Clock 80cmD


Clocks on offer from Winning Interiors have the tag of something unique in their design and this skeletal pattern clock is no exception.  The clock is 80cm in diameter and makes an attractive means to add that statement onto walls that are large and yet important for building in the look of space.  Great on walls above the fireplace, above mantles, but considering it’s large size it would hold its own on large wall spaces where all it would need is a palm or a bookshelf for company.


The clock face is made up of rustic feel white distressed look, white grill work made from metal with a timber frame.  The roman numerals with the centred filigree work and timber frame is just a delight.  The black coloured hands of the clock make it easy to visually see the time from a distance.


This is our last one in stock, don’t miss out.

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Product Materials:  Timber Frame & Metal

Dimensions:  80cmD

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 98 × 20 × 98 cm
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