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Made from bamboo, the frae of this 100 cm dimeter mirror is perhaps its most engrossing feature. Will look stunning in its most natural of looks-the size perfect for a living room space or one such space that needs to open up its cramped look. The 100 cm diameter mirror is crafted mainly from fine quality glass, metal and of course the handmade bamboo frame that gives it is unique kind of character. The delightful natural beige colour of the frame will combine rather well with wooden furniture-help bring in more brightness and I case the decor is modern, its pattern will bend in rather well. The mirror could be placed opposite a source of light to help add to the spaciousness of the room.


SHIPPING:  Due to the size and the fragile nature of this item it is set as a Click & Collect item.  If you are interested in having one of these shipped to you, please contact our office to arrange a shipping quotation.

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Dimensions:  100cmD

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Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm
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