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So whether it’s to upsize downsize or upgrade deciding to sell home is a big decision and one worth investing in. Inviting an expert like Tracy to come and inspect your home BEFORE listing it on the market could be one of the smartest steps you first take. Presale advise can help you focus on the important areas of concern and helping you define what the buyers will be looking for and drawn too.

Winning Interiors will draw up a report for you to achieve the best result listing step by step the areas to focus on and invest in to achieve the best offer you could receive.

With not only her interior background our stylist has an eye for detail and can pick exactly what can be adjusted and improved to entice the buyer upon entering your home. Working with your existing items and perhaps suggesting some new additions to complete the picture for you Tracy will get the final picture completed by closely working alongside you listening to your needs and valuing your time and budget in order to be able to complete the report.




Presale advice can in most cases achieve up to 10% more on your sale price money work investing to achieve the maximum return. And in most cases homes that have been dressed for sale will attract interest and offers very fast and it is quite often the case that more than one buyer will be fighting over it to own. Key sales always arrive when two buyers are both wanting the same property and that is a key goal that our stylist keeps in mind when working on your home. Winning Interiors will back you up all the way and produce for you Check list for open house days so you can be sure you are covering all basis and ultimate show experience for your buyers.

Presale Advise is best to be sourced from a professional in the field of styling and dressing homes.  Winning Interiors will do everything possible to achieve a quick sale at the best price possible.

Contact Us to discuss your needs and make a day to invite our stylist into your home.



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