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Tidbold House

From conception to birth this client relentlessly never gave up! And through it all has created and built a wonderful new real estate office dream. The call to me followed a lengthy 2-year process in getting things on the way for a full renovation of the existing Spanish home which sat on this site. Luxury Hamptons inspired was the brief and the final outcome does not full short in the least. Winning Interiors services were called upon during the construction stage in helping source pieces in lighting and furnishings along with being a sounding board for tile selections and layout along the way, helping Nicki keep on track with all the multitude of things to complete in a full new rebuild. The project was completed with flair and has turned out the most wonderful Hampton Real Estate Office for owners and staff to work in at Tidbold House, it’s no doubt they will thrive having made such a relaxing and inspiring environment to be able to work every day.

Take a look at Tidbold House's transformed office by clicking on the images below:
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