Karen’s Home- Pre Home Sale

Another pre-home sale here which was in fact the home beside our 24-hour sale success! Karen and her husband Mark were moving into their retirement season and decided it’s time to get things rolling. Karen watched the whole process in her neighbour’s sale and could see the benefit in enlisting a professional to help her with staging and styling the home.  An inspection was booked in to allow Tracy to see and develop a personal pre-home sale report. Having lived in the home for the past 20 years, raising their 2 children and working a home business many areas had to be reworked entirely. Over the process of 2 months, Karen and Tracy moved things on, placed into storage anything that did not benefit the sale and sold items she no longer required. New purchases were made on items according to the brief, leasing larger pieces to complete the look, Winning Interiors working with and alongside Karen the partnership then proceeded to stage and style the entire home for sale.  This one was another success story with the home only taking 2 weeks to sell. Karen was a wonderful vendor to work with, through her dedication and hard work and from following the pre-home sale report perfectly the results ended in a fast sale.

Take a look at Karen's transformed home by clicking on the images below:
1 After
10 After
5 After
2 AFter
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