Carly’s Home – Pre Home Sale

My introduction to Carly came from a previous client who recommended my services and advise for her planned home sale. The home was currently rented and the time frame was urgent to get it on the market. There was no mucking about, renters where advised of the pending sale and the home was emptied, cleaned in time for staging. An inspection was booked in with Winning Interiors to allow Tracy to view all the rooms and develop a personal pre-home sale report. From this we completely staged and dress the entire home for sale. Carly introduced both purchased items which we worked into her new home for future use, along with renting some larger items required to finish the look. This home was a huge success and SOLD in just 24 hrs! The couple achieved much more the the original appraisal given. They were very excited to begin shopping for their new family home and were exceptionally happy they enlisted the help of Winning Interiors.

Take a look at Carly's transformed home by clicking on the images below:
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